What Is CSC And How To Open CSC - Full Information

What Is CSC And How To Open CSC - Full Information

Friends, as we know that the full name of CSC is Common Service Center, this organization has been launched by the Government of India, CSC i.e. common service center to reach its citizens and e-governance services to the doorstep of Indian citizens.  Under the scheme, this organization has been run to provide agriculture, health, education, entertainment, banking and financial services, utility payments and many other services to Indian citizens.

Common service center tax is one of the main objectives to provide high quality and cost effective E-governance service to Indian citizens.

Key features of Common service center

  1. Focus on rural originality
  2. Providing services to private sector also
Multi Dimension Initiative i.e. Building Rural Agenda based on Community Needs Different capacity as change agent in various government and non-government services which is a solution for csc services.

Main functions of common service center

  • Passport
  • Pan Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Bill payment
  • Recharge
  • Any type of insurance
  • Birth and death certificate
  • Providing services to E-District
Many other services can be obtained.

How does common service center work ?

There is a VLE in every village and city on behalf of CSC institution through which all government services are reached to rural or cities.
What is VLE ?

The full name of VLE is village level enterpreneurship, it is the operator of a center which provides services to the village and city.

How to become a VLE ?

To be a VLE in CSC, you have to meet some of the minimum requirement that you can become a VLE like,

  1. Must be over 18 years of age.
  2. Must have a valid Aadhaar card.
  3. Must have a bank account.
  4. Must be a PAN card.
  5. To be a VLE, ​​one must have a PAN card.
  6. As an educational qualification for being a VLE, ​​SCC should also pass 10th from a recognized board.
  7. Computer educational qualification should have basic knowledge of computer.
  8. Your center should have a photo of both inside and outside.

Fee for taking CSC center

There is no charge of any kind for the registration of CSC i.e. common service center, it is absolutely free.