Top 5 SECRET Android Apps Not Available On The Play Store

Play Store is full of many great Android App.  However, there are some Android applications that are not put on the Google Play Store or Google deletes them from the Play Store because it does not follow the Google Play Store policy.

So today I will tell you about 5 such secret Android apps that have not been added to the Play Store or have been deleted.

  • KingRoot

This application is made for rooting Android mobile, with the help of this, you can easily root your phone and use those apps which can be run only by rooting.


  • AdGuard

With the help of this application, you block all the types of ads and promotions that come in your phone and App and Browser and save a lot of your data and time.


  • WhatsHack - Modify messages

With the help of this application, you can change the message sent to WhatsApp or Receive Message and you can change any message in your phone without telling the person to whom you have sent or received the message and also  Time of that message can also be changed
 Note: - To use this app, you will have to root your phone only then you will be able to use it.


  • Videoder

With the help of this application you can download any video in your phone whether it is YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Hotstar etc.  You can easily download video from any platform on which video streaming takes place, that too in HD quality.


  • TorrentVilla

With the help of this application you can download any movie, be it Bollywood or Hollywood or any other language, in this application you will get to download the latest movie for free which has been released recently.  There is another specialty in this, you can easily download high quality movies.