Top 5 Free Android Apps That Should Be In Your Phone

Today's generation remembers mobile before tea after waking up in the morning. Here, I am telling you about 5 interesting applications that will be helpful to simplify the activities of your daily life.

  • Evernote: It has 100+ million downloads so far on the Play Store

This is a Most Popular Note Taking App. Evernote is a cloud-based application, in which all your notes are stored online in Real Time.
In this, you can create Text, Sketch, Audio, Photo, Video or PDF file can also be kept as Notes. It is also quite interesting android apps that you can use in daily life.


  • Complete Screen Rotation App

This application will be especially useful for you when you use mobile phone for charging, while charging the phone, we should avoid using it.
In mobile phones, often the charging cable is given downwards. It interrupts using the phone while charging.
Using this, you can turn the screen of your phone upside down. By which the charging pin of your phone will go upwards and you can easily use your phone by charging it too.


  • Fake GPS to change the location of the phone

Warning: My purpose is only to give information about it, do not use it in any wrong way.

With the help of this, you can set the location of your phone according to your location.  After this, whether you see your location in Google Map, or if you share the live location on WhatsApp, Facebook to someone, then that location will be shared which you have set yourself.


  • Connect your PC to mobile

There are some applications that can send files from your computer to mobile phone via wi-fi hotspot without cable or else from mobile phone to computer.
If you send data via cable or send data through Gmail, WhatsApp, then your time is wasted.

Software Data Cable: It has 10+ million downloads so far on the Play Store

Through this, you can transfer files by connecting your phone to PC via hotspot or wi-fi without internet.


  • AirDroid: It has 10+ million downloads so far on the Play Store

It works online. In this application you have to create an account in your mobile and from the same account you login to your PC, after that you can transfer any file from your phone to PC or from PC to Phone.

 AirDroid connect PC to Mobile android app
 In addition to transferring files, if you want, your phone's camera, mobile screen, notifications, messages, contacts or you can say that the whole phone can be remotely accessed from your PC.