kota Factory Season 2 honest review

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  • Kota Factory Season 2 director: Raghav Subbu
  • Kota Factory Season 2 cast: Mayur More, Jitendra Kumar, Alam Khan, Ranjan Raj, Ahsaas Channa, Sameer Saxena, Vaibhav Thakkar

kota Factory Season 2 honest review

Fair enough, they're too teenagers to know more about it, but they're not just walking blindly. They ask the right questions and try to express an informed opinion. 


After an epic first season on YouTube, Kota Factory returns with its utility season on Netflix. The show, which takes place in the student village of Kota, follows the life of Vaibhav, a seventeen-year-old, who wants to improve in his studies and thinks it is the most critical period of his life.  He is accompanied by his support system: his confidants, Uday, Meena and Shivangi, his first sweetheart Vartika, but his teacher and guide in this phase of his life is Jeetu Bhaiya.  


 Jitendra Kumar's Jeetu Bhaiya has the wisdom to dribble out of any dialogue and, while it sometimes ends up being judgmental, you know that a young adult listening to him would be stunned.  “Peer pressure is a good thing, but make sure your peers aren't stupid,” Jeetu Bhaiya says at one point and the moppets hear wide-eyed. A lost soul finds itself at its doorstep and is enlightened when Jeetu Bhaiya explains why they should not see, but aim their claims. 


 Director Raghav Subbu leaves you in the middle of Kota from the start of the show.You can smell the seal and feel the heat. The black-and-white series received a lot of praise for its heartwarming author in the first season, and Raghav also managed to keep the same tone this time around. Kota Factory deals with the fragile internal health of impressionable teens, as they try to balance it with their physical well-being and a host of other adolescent issues, but Raghav treats these sensitive topics with maturity.  Yes, while the show is teen-focused, it doesn't seem minor at any point. 


 Kota Factory's background music is another highlight. The melancholy charm of the classical piano adds depth to its characters and their defining moments.Yes, but as an adult spectator you know better, but you also realize that for a 17 year old, nothing matters more than what he is going through. 


 The characters in the show are extremely aware that they are on the eve of a pilgrimage that will change their lives and the path to this excellence requires many offerings.  “IIT specific tumhari normal life nahi hai,” a character says as he pumps his pupils. While the show glorifies the value of hard work, it also highlights the threats of failure to overcome and what it can do for intellectual health. In its own way, Kota Factory discusses the need to reform the education system that relies heavily on a student's performance on any given day and how that could change the course of their life.  


 In one of the early events, Sameer Saxena's Maheshwari gives a speech in an arena filled with students that looks like a discovery of death and you wonder how the minds of flexible teens must be affected by these statements.  "There are only successful men in this world. Empty, they are not men," he told a largely human sect and one can not help but admit the impact that it would have on the immature minds of this sect. sexist culture that has been reproducing in engineering circles for decades through its five events. 


 Kota Factory has been lucky with its cast, and the new season continues to bring the set up of its cast.Jitendra Kumar and Mayur More are an ace in their characters. Sameer Saxena, Ranjan Raj, Ahsaas Channa, Alam Khan and Vaibhav Thakkar are impeccably chosen and there is a special surprise for the expectant fools. 


 That would be a slight exaggeration, but Kota Factory is the closest thing to the Dead Poetasters Society. At the end of the new season, it looks like we are moving into this house. 


 The Kota factory appears to be heading towards the entry tests that Vaibhav, Meena, and the rest of the expanding gang will eventually have to pass. But if it was more daring.


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