'Roar like lioness Sneha dubey IFS in UN Who is this dynamic officer? Read full story

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'Roar like lioness Sneha dubey IFS in UN' Who is this dynamic officer? Read full story

Sneha Dubey, India's first Secretary, gave a fiery and befitting reply to Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan on his commentary about India. Anteriorly, India had denounced Pakistan as a patron of terrorism and a suppressor of adolescences in reply to which Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan fulminated against India.

“ This is the country that's an incendiary disguising itself as a firefighter. Pakistan nurtures terrorists in their neighborhood in the expedient that they will only harm their neighbors. Our region and the entire world, has suffered because of their lines. On the other hand, they're trying to cover up narrow violence in their country as an act of terrorism " said Sneha Dubey.

Statement from India

Sneha Dubey has righty exposed Pakistan. Pakistan's ties with terrorism aren't new to anyone. As a nation they support them. Osama bin Laden was shielded by the country and given home. They treat him like a loss. India supports Sneha Dubey.

Who's Sneha Dubey IFS?

Sneha Dubey is a 2012 batch IFS officer who brought the real face of Pakistan in front of the whole world. She cleared UPSC on the first attempt. After going IFS, she got appointed to the Ministry of External Affairs. In 2014, She grew India's third register at the delegation in Madrid. At present, she's the first Secretary of India In the United Nations Assembly. Sneha has done MA and MPhil from JNU. She completed her early education in Goa and thereafter graduated from Fergusson College, Pune. She's the first Civil service officer in her family.

Extracts from Sneha Dubey's speech at UN

" This is also the country that still holds the despicable record in our region of having executed a religious and artistic genocide against the people of what's now Bangladesh. As we mark the 50th anniversary this era of that macabre event in history, there isn't yea an acknowledgment, much minor responsibility, ” the youngish diplomat said.

Dubey said it's tragic that this isn't the first time the leader of Pakistan has " misused " platforms handed by the UN to " propagate false and mean propaganda against my country, and seeking in vain to divert the world ’s attention from the sad state of his country where terrorists enjoy free pass while the lives of ordinary people, especially those belonging to the nonage communities, are turned upside down. "

Praise on social media

As soon as her fiery response at the United Nations appeared on social media, it went viral with multiple fiends hailing Dubey for her replies. Some marvelled at the " juvenile age " at which she has been given this responsibility and the way she handled it.

“ What a way to shut the mouths of the wags in Pakistan … every word was so precisely chosen. full of information. brilliant, " said a stoner on Twitter.

" Is not she brilliant. I'm impressed. So happy to see youthful ordnance do so well, " said a stoner with Krushna.

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