E Shram Card and Unique Disability ID Card - Make this card along with E-shram card, you are going to get double benefits!

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E Shram & Unique Disability ID Card

E Shram Card and Unique Disability ID Card - If there is a disabled person living in or near your family, then this information is going to be very important for you. Because today we will tell you how you can apply for Disable Certificate or Unique Disability ID Card online for a disabled person sitting at home.

What is Unique Disability ID Card?

UDID (Unique Disability ID Card) is such a card, through which a unique identity will be given to people with disabilities. The beneficiary will be given one type of unique handicap ID card. All types of information related to the disabled person will be collected in this card and this information will also be kept online.

So that if the card is lost, the handicapped person does not face any problem and his card will be easily renewed again. Due to this unique card, the handicapped will not need to keep their papers and any certificates with them.

What are the benefits of creating a Unique Disability ID Card?

There are many benefits of a disability certificate. If a person is handicapped, then he is given 50% discount in train ticket. And at the same time if the person with disability is more handicapped. So a member is provided to take care of him, which is absolutely free.

Along with this, with the help of this smart card, the differently-abled will also get the benefit of many schemes of the Government of India.

Discounts will also be given on the basis of percentage of disabled member in roadways bus, train and other transport. Apart from this, many facilities are provided to the handicapped person.

Important things related to Unique Disability ID Card Scheme -

1. What facilities are available in Unique Disability ID Card?

You will be able to take advantage of all the differently-abled schemes run by the government. There will be huge discounts in trains, buses and other vehicles.  States will also be able to link up with the Disabled Pension Scheme run at the Centre. If the disability percentage is high, one person will be provided for on-the-go care. Apart from this, many facilities are also available.

2. Who can get Unique Disability ID Card made?

Person suffering from any type of disability is fully eligible to generate this card.

3. Has the Unique Disability ID Card scheme been implemented across the country?


4. What documents will be required to make Unique Disability ID Card?

Aadhar Card, Bank Account, Photo, Mobile Number Linked in Aadhar Card, Certificate etc. Documents will be required.


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